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Find Your Place In Ministry

It's time to GROW! Joining ministries within the church is a great way to grow in Christ and through ministry. By serving others, you can develop a deeper understanding of God's love and purpose for your life. Additionally, being part of a community of believers can provide support, encouragement, and accountability as you seek to live out your faith. Whether it's through volunteering, leading a small group, or participating in a mission trip, there are many opportunities to get and grow in your relationship with Christ.


NexGen Students Minsitry

Nursery-12th grade students interested in learning about God by relating bible stories to real life.



A Marriage rooted in God is a marriage that'll last. Stand together and grow as a couple.


Exalt Young Adults

Calling all young adults ages 18-35 looking to grow in Christ and growing together!



Learn how to live a life lead by Christ! Join us for fellowship as we Grow Together!



Embrace your singleness by building your relationship with God in your single season.


Worship & Arts

Worship starts from within and overflows into the outward form. Join Voices of the2nd!

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