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Here at the 2nd, we believe God has placed us into the body of Christ to be a church that loves and cares for one another, to be a living witness for the community and to reach out to other believers throughout our city and the state.  At the 2nd, we have the “Circle of Love” ministry that is exclusive to caring for the members of our church.  Circle of Love” was created to help all members with “relational connections” and “spiritual perfection”.  It is our avenue for caring and communication within our church. The leaders serve the “Circle” by calling, caring, corralling and communicating. What better way to get to know your brothers and sisters in Christ.


Acts 2:46-47 Principle

The Membership performed the work of the ministry in small groups.

Relationships were formed through fellowship….
Spiritual Perfection took place….
Unity was more evidenced….
Personal needs were met….
And God Continually added to the church!!!!


Each COL Leader works with other leaders as a team with focused duties for a period of time…building


Information and communication is given to the COL Leaders by the Membership Care Services Department and further communicated to the assigned Deacon.  As well as, COL Leaders providing information and communication to the Membership Care Services Department.


Circle of Love is composed of 3 teams:

• New Member Relation Team
Provides new members with continuous contact for 90 days from the pint of joining, orientation completion to ministry connection with phone calls, emails and mail.

• Watchcare Team
Provides contact for all bereavement, hospitalization, sick and shut in, etc.

• C.C.C. Team
Provides contact to membership for special events (i.e. St to St Dinner, special iniatives, Deacon requested contact, etc).

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