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As believers, not only are we called to believe, but we are called to belong. Second Baptist Church offers 2 major ways for its members to connect with other Christians for the purpose of relational connection and spiritual perfection.

Connecting with other like-minded and like-hearted individuals is essential for a Christian’s spiritual journey.

Ways to Connect:


Build Relations

Members can build lasting relationships that are important for their spiritual journey by connecting with other members in small groups. Small group connection is essential in a mega-church such as Second Baptist and we are proud to offer small groups based on gender, marital, relational and situational status. (See below Fellowship/Support Group link)


Each member’s small group experience begins as they are placed under the care of a Deacon, his wife along with other Circle of Love leaders.


Circle of Love is Second Baptist’ small group concept that assures the intentional care of its members. Under the direction of our Membership Care Director, members are strategically placed under the care of a Deacon and encouraged to connect with other members under the watch care of the assigned deacon.


Ministry Participation

The spiritual philosophy Second Baptist Church embraces is the fact we are saved to serve. Ministry Participation is another way a member is able to connect themselves with the move of God through ministry effort. Upon completion of orientation, each member is encouraged to commit themselves to at least one ministry obligation. Members are allowed to take a spiritual gift analysis assessment which identifies their spiritual gift so that they might connect with the appropriate Second Baptist Church ministry.


Members desiring to connect with ministry can begin their search to serve by connecting with a Department. Click on the links below.

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